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Towards Sustainability in Teaching 


Mission & Vision

The mission of this site is to provide Waldorf teachers with a means of sharing with each other what has worked. It is a place where we can share our curriculum ideas, main lesson pages, music, resources, and, most of all, our inspirations and experience. This site is dedicated towards making Waldorf teaching sustainable. The preparation each year for a new curriculum is a monumental task. This site is provided as a resource for ideas and materials so that we can spend more time with our families and nurturing ourselves which, in the end, makes us better teachers.

How it Works

You will find materials organized by grade and lesson block, each with a tab labeled "Gems." On this tab are individual posts containing curriculum ideas and materials which worked well in the classroom. Each post may have main lesson work or useful materials attached. Teachers may "reply" to a post to add additional material or feedback. Teachers may also add their own posts with new ideas. Click the following link for complete posting procedure and guidelines.

To Consider

As a word of caution, nothing can take the place of our inner work. Any education simply based on methods and materials is not alive. The task of a Waldorf teacher is to teach artistically. We teach artistically when we are connected with the spiritual world, as this is where all true art finds its source. Art is the result of the life force that flows through us from this source and it is reflected in how we prepare and deliver a lesson. It is reflected in how we attune and respond to the needs of the children while in the classroom. While the materials on this site provide mainly physical support, hopefully a drop of the spirit and inspiration that went into bringing them to the classroom can be communicated as well. This is all to easily lost in the translation and efficiency of documentation. Please remember to ask, "Why am I bringing this lesson? How does this lesson meet the children's needs intellectually, emotionally, and/or physically? What capacities is it helping to develop?"

Is it totally free?

This site is provided completely free to teachers and schools. If you find it valuable, a donation will help cover the costs of maintaining the website.

Why registration is required for certain web site features

Registration assures that you are a human being with a real email address. This helps prevent spamming to the curriculum pages. It also helps keep access to these pages to the intended audience. Those who understand the value will make the extra effort to register.

Site Layout

Each curriculum page now has up to four tabs. OVERVIEW will give an overview of the block or subject. This is an ongoing work in progress. Feel free to email me with suggested text. GEMS are the heart of the new web site. It contains posts of curriculum items (ideas, lesson material, main lesson pages, music, etc.). As its name suggests, it ideally contains "what worked" in the classroom - or gems for teaching. You may contribute your own work on these pages. If you wish to post on a block, subject, or grade that is not listed, please email me and I will promptly add it. GALLERY contains the images uploaded with each post. RESOURCES contains helpful links and other resources. Search has been added to allow you to quickly find topics by included words. The upper search will do a global search - returning results from anywhere on the site. The lower search returns results within the current topic or filters the results further.

What is coming...

Last June, I graduated my eighth grade and am now actively focused on making this site a reality, seeding it with the content of my ten years of teaching in the grades. It is open to all teachers to upload their materials and post their insights. However adding my material is a slow process and could take me the next eight years (while teaching a new class) before I have a complete curriculum. You can help. Please contribute and make this a living resource. Check back regularly and click the "What's New" button on the menu bar for updates on the site's progress.